Scripture: Genesis 2:18[NIV]

18 The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”
The bible says it is not good for a man to be alone but you will find a man justifying being single. If you do not have a helper then something is wrong with you and it is the same with women if you are not connected to someone whom you are helping then something is wrong.

A woman is a man’s helper and should find joy in following up after the husband, cleaning up mess he would have left. When God created the earth and all that is in it He said it is good but in Chapter-2 He said it is not good showing the urgency of the matter. In verse 19 God brought animals to the lonely man. He created them from the same material (mud) which he used to create man.

The animals were created from the same material as Adam but they could not take away the loneliness. He was given the mandate to name animals and he named them all. Adam was telling God what he wanted – that was because if you give something a name then you have dominion over it. Do not allow situations to name you but instead name them because how you name them is what those situations will become.

Instead of confessing poverty confess riches. Whatever you name you have authority over it and it will be under your feet. Give a better name to your life, house, wife etc. Do not allow anyone to describe you. Who are they to describe your future?

If you see a tree in different seasons you will come up with different views to that same tree. You might find it dry and useless in one season but beautiful and productive in another. It is the same with our lives you might be in a dry season but it will not last forever it is only be a matter of time.

Adam was later made to go into deep sleep because He did not want disruptions from him. God took out a rib from Adam to create his wife which made her different from the animals. When God created a person He created them packed with joy. The joy you are looking for is inside you.

You have a big project which was placed inside you and you need to bring it out. Give God a chance. Allow Him to bring whatever is inside you out. You are carrying the solution inside you. Always be aware of the fact that you are packed with greatness.
Do not allow the environment to change you God has placed great things inside you. You need to know how to pull out what God has deposited inside you. The world is waiting for your gift, the world is waiting for what God has deposited inside you.

Before you sleep ask God to show you what he has placed inside you and pull it out of you. What he has placed inside you must be pulled out of you. God will pull out that project from you, something you can give a name is something that will change your life.
Tonight is a blessed night. Whatever God imparted on you will be realized by the world. Everyone is using a car because Henry Ford took out what God placed inside him. The gift of God shall describe you.

We give glory to God.

Teaching By Prophet W Magaya