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Prophet desktop3Walter Magaya grew up in Chitungwiza and is married to Mother Tendai Katsiga-Magaya who is a banker by profession and together they have been blessed with two lovely children. His visit to SCOAN Nigeria marked the birth of P.H.D Ministries as he was guided to his God given mandate by the Holy Spirit through Senior Prophet T.B Joshua. The first notable miracle was that of Mr. Nyandoro, who was blind for 3 years and got his sight restored by the power of Jesus Christ of Nazareth working through the Man of God Prophet Walter Magaya. After this miraculous healing Prophet Magaya only shouted “MBIRI KUNA JESU ” as the whole congregation screamed with joy for what the Lord had just done. Prophet Walter Magaya always reminds the congregation that he is not the healer, but Jesus Christ is the healer, and he is just but a vessel being used to do the works of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many amazing testimonies of the power and works of our Lord Jesus Christ continue to be experienced everyday in the Ministry and we thank our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth for using Prophet Walter Magaya in this way. …..Let there be light!






1 thought on “About Prophet Magaya

  1. Calvary greetings dear God’s General Prophet W. Magaya
    Thank you for shifting me to a higher levels
    Your teachings have changed me and I have made up my mind to follow you till Jesus Comes.
    Only one regret I have is that I did not get to know you in my young age like way back when I was still young…
    Nevertheless like you always was say now it’s “my time”
    Thank you papa it’s my time to be shifted to higher levels it’s my time to testify
    Yadah Yadah Yadah Yadah Yadah Yadah Yadah Yadah Yadah .
    Congratulations father on the two awards always number one
    number one number one top of them all.
    You are the best of them all
    You are a gather above the rest
    You are a generational changer
    I say you are the Unifier of nations
    Father to the fatherless
    A Father of nations
    We love you Dear Prophet W.Magaya.
    God bless you always

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