He came to the men’s all-night as a spectator but got his deliverance

Bernard Dzimanga last came to the Arena of Liberty on 1st of May 2015. Prior to his attendance he was addicted to alcohol and smoking. He would drink at least 15 litres of alcohol and would smoke up to 20 cigarettes per day. His drinking and smoking addiction triggered mayhem between him and his wife as he did not want to questioned about it.

His wife was introduced to Yadah-TV and became a follower of the channel. Bernard could not tolerate that and would fight with his wife over the channel.
When his wife wanted to attend services he threatened her with divorce and out of fear she could not attend. A friend of his introduced him to the “Men’s all-night” prayer service and he came to see, not as a believer. During the service he felt his whole body shivering when Prophet W. Magaya arrived at the Arena of Liberty but could not associate his condition with Prophet W. Magaya’s arrival.

When he got home the next morning he headed straight for the fridge to take his beer as usual but could not finish one glass as he started feeling weak. Again, he did not want to associate his condition with his deliverance and went out to drink with his friends.

Upon arrival, Bernard failed to finish a glass again and that was when he realised that he had been delivered. Prior to his deliverance, much of his money was going towards his alcohol or medical bills for his children.

After his visit to the guest house his financial position improved drastically, all for the glory of God.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.