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21 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I greet you my father (Prophet W Magaya) I do appreciate your anointing it is doing wonders in Tete Moçambique cell group number 246. Á luta continua.

  2. Dear prophet

    How are you, mama,doma family and the ministry workers doing?

    I just want to thank God for giving us a prophet like you in this crazy world. It’s extremely rare to find a person who dedicates his /her life to delivering, uplifting and helping people just because he/she has a deep love for people. I’ve seen that people can put on a facade and lead people astray, so we thank God when we see the person of Jesus and his character in prophets like you and prophet TB Joshua.

    May God greatly bless you in every direction,shape and size. You are a rare blessing to this generation. May God continue to keep you and our wonderful Mama. Tell her that I also love her and that one day I’ll get to meet and hug her. Thank you prophet for all those empowering, encouraging and healing sermons.

  3. Greetings to my father Prophet W Magaya,I want to thank you for introducing the satellite because we are now more than connected to you .I am in Moçambique Tete.obrigado.A luta continua.

  4. I greet you my father Prophet W Magaya. It is a wonderful Sunday we are connected. Obrigado.A luta continua.

  5. Dear prophet

    How are you and mama doing ?

    I just wanna say thank you for all those enlightening and inspiring sermons. You are really heaven sent. Its like you always speak a word in due season in my life and I can see it coming to pass. God has sent you to set people free from all the bandages of the devil, thank you for giving yourself over to God as a sacrifice giving yourself to serve him and the sheep of his pasture. May God greatly preserve, bless, cover, strengthen and empower you…

  6. I greet you my father Prophet W Magaya. we are blessed by the teaching with the topic MAINTAINING RELATIONSHIPS. Obrigado.A luta continua.

  7. Its a good morning to you my father Prophet W Magaya. I thank you for the covering. Obrigado. A luta continua.

  8. My name is Prosper Yadah Moyo ( I am an Excavator operator and a Truck driver )
    Thank you for creating life changing oppotunities for us my Father. Thank you for all the projects that you have created for us, our lives will not remain the same.
    Prophet Magaya i salute you, you are the philantropist of generation, God’s General.

  9. Good morning my father Prophet W Magaya.I am here by informing you that we are very much prepared for the night of turn around 6.I am in Tete Moçambique.obrigado. A luta continua.

  10. Blessed be the Lord God Almighty for the precious life of prophet W. Magaya. I am one of the world wide wide strong believers in this great, but humble, Prophet of the Lord and his ministry. glory be to the Father of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    I, sincerely, wud love to connect with this ministry and be a blessing even as I get abundantly blessed for the Lord’s glory!! Jesus is King and reigns supreme!!!

  11. Thank my father Prophet W Magaya for the honey bee project.we are prepared for it.Obrigado. A luta continua.

  12. Happy birthday to my First Brother Junior may God of our father Prophet W.Magaya bless you on this your special birthday Thank you for Sharing Dad with me and accepting me as your brother born in due season.
    I love you.

  13. I say happy blessed 5th Anniversary to PHDMINISTRIES
    Father you have given us a powerful prophetic Church that has become an ambrella for us.
    Thank you for everything you have done and is doing and shall be doing to this generation.
    Shalom Shalom Shalom

  14. I thank you PWM for transforming our lives. I thank God for giving you the vision of PHD ministries. I will forever cherish your teachings and may God bless you , your family and all those close to you.

  15. Thankyou Prophet W Magaya for the love that you have shown to us. Also want to thank Mama for the support that she has also showed.
    I have learnt alot from you two and im still learning more, may the good God bless you with long life, may the same grace follow us your children so that our testimonies be the ones to communicate to people.
    Also thankyou for another gift Yadah tv, Social Media platforms for they are the point of contact for us who are far from harare.
    Mbiri kunani

  16. Thank you Papa PWM for changing our lives and giving us another chance through Yadah Connect, we have never seen such love you have showed us, may God increase you exceedingly, abundantly.
    God bless you

    Thank you

  17. Dear daddy

    Thank you for coming to Pretoria,to transform our lives, opening our closed doors and reviving the dead bones in our lives.

    Thank you Lord Jesus for giving us an exceptional, intelligent, trustworthy and honest dad! Thank you daddy for listening to my prayers,as I wanted to always come to the guesthouse but I had a problem of funds.

    God is Awesome! My life will never remain the same again! Thank you daddy for buying us the PA system ! I want to appreciate you and mama,i love you both very much!

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