The devil’s motive of closing his career ended after he got laid hands by Prophet W. Magaya

Luckmore Masuku came all the way to the Arena of Liberty on the 27th April unable to walk due to a road accident he had, had in South Africa. After being admitted in hospital he was discharged after 3 days as the doctors could not locate any problem. Within 3 weeks after his discharge from hospital his leg lost sensation and the doctors gave him some injections. Luckmore was told that blood wasn’t flowing well. Soon after the injections he started feeling extreme heat sensations as if he was stepping on fire. His condition turned worse to the point that he had to keep his leg in a bucket half-filled with ice-blocks and was walking on crutches.

Luckmore started experiencing excruciating pain. As he went back to the doctors in search of solution they told him that the only option was to amputate his leg because no other solution could be found suitable for him. His sister encouraged him to visit the Arena of Liberty prior to his injury but he openly told her that he was not interested. His parents invited him back home [Zimbabwe] to our local hospitals and they still insisted on amputation. That was then the moment he agreed to come to the Arena of Liberty out of desperation. Everywhere he went he had to move with his bucket of ice-blocks.

As he arrived at the Arena of Liberty his pain subsided drastically such that when he sat on the chair he fell asleep soon after, for the 1st time since he could hardly do that as he spent sleepless nights. Luckmore was laid hands upon by Prophet W. Magaya and immediately after that he felt a strange but good sensation. His toes started responding which in itself was a testimony. He immediately threw away the crutches elated that he would not need them and neither would he be amputated.

Luckmore went back to South Africa and is now back to his driving career for the glory of God. He thought his career had been destroyed but God did it for him.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.