Apostle Chagara was a guest house visitor from the 28th-30th of October 2014. He came to PHD Ministries in search of deliverance as he was experiencing limitation in his ministry. He started a church back in January 2014 and the numbers never went above 15 congregants. He was laid hands upon by the Servant of God Prophet W. Magaya and the evil spirits that were tormenting him were provoked into manifestation and he received his total deliverance though his clothes were now in tatters as a result of his manifestation. Prophet W. Magaya then gave Apostle Chagara a prophecy in which he told him to establish his ministry in Kadoma. He was obedient to the word and started one on the 10th of November 2014. His was shocked to note that the congregants were way above those that attended in the 8 months he had been in ministry. As we speak the congregants are 50+ in only 3 months. We thank the God of Prophet W Magaya