Teaching: The importance of relationships

A person needs relationships and cannot live without them. No one can live as an island, just like any country which also needs other countries to survive. If you have a need in life you will require someone with the solution to your need, thus you realise the importance of having meaningful relationships. It is never good to start establishing relationships when you are in dire need of assistance or advice; therefore, you need to maintain the relationship through frequent communication and visits before a crisis comes in. Friends and associates will help you better and more than your relatives.

The majority of contacts in your phone must be those who can assist you in times of need. Are there people in your life with whom you can submit to and you feel justified to get help from? Should you hold a party or some social gathering, what kind of people will be willing to attend? Do you attend other people’s gatherings? You can’t be a millionaire when you do not have a millionaire in your contacts. Learn to be a person that is connected with the right influential people.

Learn to constantly check on your contacts, make communication and also visit them where possible, do not wait for the rainy day. When you get fired from work, such people should be able to throw in a rope for you before you drown.

When David was in Solomon’s house he made good relations with Jonathan who later helped him with information to do with Jonathan’s father who was plotting to kill him to the point that he [David] ended up fleeing from Solomon’s house. When you are placed in influential position learn to make good connections so that when your power is removed you will remain safely with those connections. Do not abuse your power because one day you shall need those people when you lose that position.

If you are in business it’s not about the prices and profits that count but it’s all about relationships which you create with your clients or customers. Therefore, do not ignore people in your business, especially frequent customers because you will need them tomorrow. Remember, the business you are in is also being done by someone else, thus, if you operate it better than the person next door it means customers will come to yours. Create a relationship that will make clients continue coming back to you.

Many people can start but not all can maintain. May you have the wisdom and ability to maintain in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.