Enesia Nyoni’s mother developed a mental problem in May 2012 upon which they took her to hospital where they were prescribed a drug which required an injection on a regular basis. The drug affected her speech and other body functions. This forced them to stop the medication and resorted to natural healing which also did not work. They finally stopped everything.

In May 2014 Enesia came to the Arena of Liberty as a guest house visitor for deliverance. During the visitors’ service Prophet W. Magaya told her that her family needed deliverance. When she went back she continued to use the anointed mantles and the positive change in her life convinced her mother to start believing in Prophet W. Magaya and the God that he worships such that in May 2014 her mother also came to the Arena of Liberty as a guest house visitor.

Upon her arrival [mother], she manifested and was fully delivered. From that day up until now she has never experienced any mental loss, all for the glory of God almighty.
We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu