Lilia Manyeka came from Zambia with her son Michael Masone on the 25th March 2017 presenting a problem cancer on his left leg. They had gone to various doctors and other places for 5 years but to no avail until the doctors recommended that the leg be amputated to prevent the cancer spreading all over the body. The cancer started as a small insect bite which then developed into a small wound and worsened into a big open ulcer. It was upon his several visits to the doctors that they later confirmed it was cancer.

When Prophet Dr. W. Magaya laid his anointed hand upon Michael, he believed in the prophetic word from the Servant of God that, “It is done, you are healed” and indeed from that moment onwards the wound started drying up right from the visitors’ service. By the time they travelled back to Zambia, Michael could no longer feel any pain and within 24 hours the wound had completely dried up and showing great signs of healing. Eventually the wound healed completely and when they went back to the doctors, they were told that the cancer was no more and that shocked even the doctors too. Ever since that day Michael has never experienced any pain up until today.
Michael and his mother Lilia came all the way to give praise to the Almighty by sharing this powerful testimony.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.