He was now emptying his stomach bowl through the mouth until a visit to the Arena of Liberty

Saulosi Chisale and wife came all the way from Hwange to testify the goodness of the Lord. In 2016 Silas suddenly fell sick to the point that he could no longer pass out urine and neither could he empty his stomach bowl. The doctors’ diagnosis said that he had developed colon cancer. Silas was now emptying his stomach bowl through his mouth. They prescribed him a cecostomy or C-tube to help him empty his stomach bowl. He could only take fluids through a catheter. Silas remained admitted at the hospital in the intensive care unit [ICU] waiting for his last day to live because their diagnosis had concluded that his condition was a terminal one.

As a result of the terminal condition, the wife couldn’t take it and thus decided to visit the Arena of Liberty because she had watched one testimony on Yadah-TV of a man from Mozambique who was healed of a brain tumour. Both came to the guest house on 26th May 2017. Soon after being laid hands upon by the servant of God Prophet W. Magaya and having been declared free in the mighty name of Jesus Christ he immediately started feeling better and believing that he was healed. When they went back to the hotel that Friday evening he started eating solid foods and direct through his mouth and passed out urine as well emptying his bowl in the normal way, all for the glory of God.

As if that was not enough, Silas was also delivered from the addiction of alcohol and ever since his delivery he has never tasted alcohol again.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.