You cannot enter the strong man’s house without first binding the strong man. The house in question is synonymous with your heart. If your heart is taken over or possessed by the devil, he becomes the strong man. Thus, in order for you to be set free, the strong man [the devil] must be bound first.

There could be lots of blessings locked away by the devil and in order for you to recover them you ought to bind the strong man, the devil before you recover all. Is it your finances, marriage, health, happiness or fruit of the womb that could be locked away by the devil? The Lord Jesus Christ is binding the strong man in order for you to have what belongs to you. Your environment could also be a hindering factor to your blessings. There are spirits of the territory called territorial spirits including mountain spirits; these also can bind your blessings and stop them from being manifest in your life. Such spirits are the strong men which have to be bound first before you access your blessings.

When the devil Lucifer was thrown down to earth he assumed various forms through the embodiment of different objects including human beings. This is when people get possessed and live under the influence of his kingdom. This kingdom is of the dark and nothing good comes out of it; all problems come from the devil and his dark kingdom. It is the devil who influences various evil spirits and one worst of them is the death spirit. This death spirit blocks anything good from manifesting in your life. Where there is death there is no life and where there is no life we don’t see any movement or progress. Any area of your life that is dead is seen by lack of movement, lack of progress or simply lack of life. No one wants to be associated with death because there is nothing good about it.
How often do you crack your head over financial matters? Do you make financial plans which fail to materialise at the end yet originally on paper they looked perfect and balanced? When you do your monthly budget do you enough for your needs and remain with a surplus? Are you in debts which you have failed to pay for a long time now? Are you locked n credits which seem to be getting worse as compound interest keep on inflating the figure on a monthly basis? Do financial issues crack your head each time you wake up in the middle of the night and leave you pondering for the next enumerable hours before you get back to sleep? Are you able to pay for your children’s education on a regular bass and are they attending school at your desired school or you are limited by what you are worth financially? Do you and your family eat and dress the way you want or you are confined to substandard as if that is what is meant for you – are second items and clothes the common sight in your family to the extent that your children have come to believe that new clothes are for others not yours because all they know are those pre-used ones from the street (mbatya dzemumabhero)?

Do you eat three meals per day or you are forced to fast on a daily basis because of the critical shortages of food as a result of limited finances in your life? Where do you stay with your family? How decent is the place? Do you have enough bedrooms for you and all your children? How often have you tried to start a business but ended up crumbling down and in most cases in serous debts? Why s t that whatever business you try to do even f t is being done by others but yours seem to scare customers or clients away? Why is it that you seem to be selling illegal goods yet your next door business neighbour is selling the same like hot buns? How many times have you tried to reason with your employer with regards to your promotion but kept on getting negative answers or open ended responses which have left you grieved and hopeless more often to the extent of losing morale and job satisfaction?

The purpose of Jesus in your life as a way to your salvation is to bind the strong man so that you meet with full deliverance that frees your life. If your life seems to expire every time and again it is the strong man and the blood of Jesus Christ is overcoming the devil and setting you free from the death spirit. From today your life much change. Your marriage must change and for those seeking marriage must meet the right man leading to matrimonial harmony. If your life was full of poverty and misery that must change from today, NOW because of the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. Your health is restored today. All the good things you were doing but not being recognised will be recognised starting from today. Your business must start to have long queues from today. The Lord Jesus Christ is binding the strongman in your life. Good health must start manifesting from today and your life must be filled with joy and happiness.

I see you smiling from today. Blessings are coming your way and good open gates are opening in floods from today. This is not motivational speaking but a declaration from God in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I set you free from the mountain spirits in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Just believe and receive whatever you can name.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.