Prophet W Magaya Testimonies

He slept with over 60 women.

Tawanda Togara and wife Moleen Matarisi came to share their testimony today. Tawanda was a heavy drinker for 10years and this addiction triggered problems between him and his wife. He kicked his wife out of their home over 6 times and has slept with more than 60 women married and unmarried alike. At times he would make Moleen to sleep outside with their baby due to this addiction for no apparent reason. He would end up in serious debt to satisfy his alcohol addiction and take not even a cent home. He came to PHD Ministries on the 26th of January 2014 separated from his wife and actually called her so they could meet at church. His wife narrated her ordeal with a lot of grief confirming that indeed Tawanda made her go through hell. On the day in question the Servant of God Prophet W. Magaya taught about anti-marriage spirits and they were both delivered from the spirit. They got back together and discovered that the problems they had were no more and they were now living in peace and had joy. Despite being a teacher he had nothing to show for it as he did not even have the basic furniture in his house. He has managed to procure furniture for his house. The urge to drink is totally gone and now lives an alcohol free life for the glory of God Almighty.