BEFORE                                                                                                             AFTER


Severe and strange skin disease cleared after being laid hands upon by Prophet W. Magaya

Taurai Mutseura came to the Arena of Liberty suffering from a severe skin disease in September 2016. It had affected his skin and body to the point that he could not speak and function properly. It took the anointing of God upon Prophet W. Magaya to restore his skin and give back his life.

Doctors had said it was an allergy but the medication which they gave him did not help at all. Another doctor had said it was stomatitis but still no solution came through their medication. Taurai went to another doctor who said it was atopic dermatitis but still no solution came. He continued to suffer to the point that he almost lost his eye-sight. Prophet W. Magaya administered Water of Life on him and gave him some to continue using at home. In just 3 days his skin had been restored.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.