Anna Motsi from Mrewa came with her granny to give their testimony of her daughter Confidence. Anna’s child Confidence came from school complaining about a stomach problem in 2016. They took her to their local clinic where they were referred to Chitungwiza Hospital but the doctors could not figure out the cause and state of her condition apart from the tests which they had carried out. They did an operation on her but to no avail.

Having realised that the medical doctors could not assist them the granny decided to go back to her village home and on her way she saw the PHD Ministries office in town [Harare]. Upon her entering the office she came across the photo of Prophet W. Magaya and instantly made her feel that she was at the right place of anointing. She decided to go back to Chitungwiza where her grand-daughter was still admitted. She administered the Water of Life on Confidence with a strong belief that the God of Prophet W. Magaya will turn her condition to a better one. Before she went to the PHD Ministries Offices, she had almost lost hope on the life of her grand-daughter but her hope was restored the moment she entered the PHD Ministries Offices and until she went back to the hospital. She declared during the administration of the Water of Life that by the time she came back the next day Confidence should be recovered.

Come the next day’s visit she found the doctors busy with her grand-daughter and curtains drawn. Upon enquiring what was happening, the doctors told her that Confidence the grand-daughter had died but she refused to take that report and straight away took her Water of Life to anoint her granddaughter. Immediately, Confidence arose from death and rose from the bed. Ever since that day Confidence’s health is fully restored, all to the glory of God.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.