Still-births ended after a visit to the Prayer Mountain

Mai Mudodo [Rhoda Ngwezura] got married in 2013 and miscarried a few months after each conception. She later conceived the following year and gave birth to a still-born child. The following year after still-birth she conceived again and gave birth to a baby whose internal organs were sticking out of the abdomen and the baby died a few minutes later.

Her aunt then advised her to visit the Arena of Liberty which she did and had the opportunity to visit the Prayer mountain. Rhoda conceived in June 2016 and she continued visiting the Arena of Liberty. She went through her full 9 months and went into labour quicker than she did in the past and soon after delivery her baby cried like any normal baby and that alone was a powerful testimony. The baby is now 6 months old and this can only be because of the power of God Almighty.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.