1 Thesalonians.5:23
23 Now may the God of peace make you holy in every way, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless until our Lord Jesus Christ comes again.

The human being is a spirit which is in a body and the body has a brain. What we see by our eyes is where the spirit lives. The body also has a soul. Thus, we have 3 things which are; body, soul and spirit. These 3 must be found perfect in the eyes of God.

My vision is also based on the above 3 things. As I think of these 3, I also think of information. It is possible to become a member of this ministry but still have half-baked blessings. The bible says, when you receive a prophet in the name of the prophet you receive blessings the prophet is carrying.

The body does not go to heaven. Perfect means, let your body be in good health, let your soul be transformed and let your spirit be saved.

In the Old Testament we had Priests whose role was to stay in the inner core of the church and hear from God. The kings’ role was to protect and gain back their land. When Jesus came, He said, it is finished and he broke the inner core cloth. By so doing he made us kings and priests both the young the old. That means we can become both in one.

Therefore, when I come to you I want to transform the soul in you, help you save your spirit and get you healed in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. It then means when you come to PHD Ministries the 3 must manifest in your life. When you come to PHD Ministries it means you must be ready to be inspired and be informed.

Considering that we all do not want to die today but later then it means we still need life today and not heaven. Yes, we need heaven but our immediate need is life. Thus, as a prophet I must ensure that your immediate needs are met, which is life and that has nothing to do with heaven. Getting married, receiving good health, sending children to school, becoming rich and many more life demands are all immediate needs and heaven isn’t anywhere there.

The church has often blocked people who want Jesus Christ because many want to act thou holier than thou. We need to face the realities of life and address them. We gather here to have life and why should anyone continue to remind me about heaven? We all know we shall die and it’s up to heaven’s grace to offer you the opportunity.

Therefore, besides preaching the Word, it is my duty as a prophet and man of God to empower the human being. This human being that has body, soul and spirit has got immediate needs which are outside the preaching – or rather, outside needs of the heaven because before we look at heaven we need to focus at the immediate needs of the body. God told me long back that there is no way I can run the ministry as a prophet without attending to the needs of the body. When the body isn’t in good shape it won’t manage to attend to needs of the spirit.
As ministry workers and leaders in the ministry, it is your role to give people hope by preparing them for the service and for the preaching. The reason why we give testimonies in front of the congregation is to ensure that we inspire others to have hope that, if it can happen to anyone here then it can also happen in their life. By so doing, we are transforming the soul and spirit. A testimony is a form of evangelism which boosts one’s faith and hope in the mighty Living God.

The soul is enriched through knowledge and reading; no wonder as the ministry leader I write sermon books every week for the congregants so as to enrich their soul. Surprisingly, many of the congregants hardly know at least 2 sermon books. So how do you develop or get transformed your soul? As I focus on your body needs, I also make efforts on enriching your soul and spirit but few take heed.

Full deliverance means the 3, body, soul and spirit are fully covered and transformed.
We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.