Witchcraft is a product of poverty. According to study, witchcraft is a form of worship and for people who believe in the supernatural evil realm. Witches operate in clans or gangs. A certain percentage does not know that they are witches. For those that know, their main agenda is to recruit other witches.
Witches deal with their victims through their spiritual side. This is because when the spiritual is affected then the physical is doomed. There are three areas that are dealt with by the witches on their victims. These are; Name and surname, totem and lastly any object belonging to the victim such as piece of hair.
A witch will never say, “I will fix you!” They use representations in the form of dolls for your image and speak negative words or cursing words over your life such as, “Let him lose his job.” True witches always smile at you but attack you spiritually overnight. If you hear anyone saying, “I will fix you”, that person isn’t a witch, rather they will assign proper witches to attack you. No wonder, there is need for altars.
I don’t use any sticker before passing it through an altar. All the stickers and anointed mantles that I bless you with, have to first pass through my altar either at home or the prayer mountain. Therefore, you must have altars both at home and at work because in your environment there are also other people’s altars. The reason being that there is the battle for territorial control and altars are the best tool to take over any territory. The honour of the biggest church in the world, in South Korea says that they are big because of the altars.
To be protected you need the power of association, thus anointing of Jesus Christ through the man of God in your life will cover you. Witches come to our houses when there is no covering; thus there is need for anointing through altars. A witch is afraid of the anointing and as a man of God I can make you untouchable. That means, when they call your name you won’t be affected.
Altars are very important because witches also create altars as they set foot at your homestead before they attack you. Remember, altars change the environment, thus they are very important. An altar is a place where you meet with God and it can be made on a table, cabinet or even a stool where you can place your anointed mantles and pray whenever you need to communicate with God.
Other gods understand altars and you must never think that the God you worship is the same with other people. Remember, the sons of Sceva were asked by the demons, “Who are you?” because the demons knew Jesus Christ and Paul [Acts.19:11-20]. You need to know the God whose altar you are creating; thus when you create an altar you are declaring the God that you understand.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.