Many business owners start their business with great zeal but somewhere along the way, their energy goes down, they fail to maintain their business standard and hence they close shop. There is need to customise your relationship with your clients; treat every customer at personal level and make them feel special. This will make the client feel like they are the only ones treated in that special way, yet they are many.
You also need to meet the needs of every customer according to their liking or interest. You don’t need to force clients to like what you want but you have to understand the interests of your client. It’s not about applying what you learnt at school but what the client needs. Remember, lessons at school are theoretical and even if they may be practical but the business environment is very dynamic; by the time you apply your knowledge, a lot could have changed. Imagine, there used to be communication by means of postal letters but that has changed and we are now in the electronic age, you can’t continue communicating with postal mail but change with the changing times.

The question I leave with you now is, “Do you know your client at personal level? Do you know what each client wants and not what you think all should want?”
We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.