Scriptures: Genesis 17:5 (NKJV)

5 No longer shall your name be called Abram, but your name shall be Abraham; for I have made you a father of many nations.
Genesis 8 v 20
2 Timothy 1 v 2
1 Timothy 1 v 1
2 Kings 5 v 25 NLT


When God places a father in your life he gives him responsibilities and the same is expected of you as a child. It is a divine appointment hence it is not by chance. As Apostle Paul said it is by grace that your spiritual father was appointed. They did not apply for it but it is purely by the grace of God.

One of the reasons why you can see whether or not you are a true son or daughter is if you start multiplying as your father does, there must be some similarity. As long as you sleep on the same day you wake up then you are not a child. Some come to the Arena in search of healing and deliverance only yet they are not children.

There is something you are doing which you are not supposed to be doing or vice-versa hence you do not experience breakthrough in your life. The purpose of a father is their name, they are recognized in the spirit realm for instance Abraham. The sons of Sceva had delivered demons prior to the demon that questioned their credibility. It told them that it knew Paul not them of which Paul was an ordinary man like you and I.

A father’s purpose is stand in the gap, this is negotiating or clearing the way for you. A covering can only work for those in the radius of the cover. It is the purpose of a father to pronounce a blessing upon your life. You should take advantage of your father’s gift and ensure you benefit from it. If you are only doing one thing and are not moving with speed, then something is wrong.

A child must know their father in order to attain favour. Jacob knew his father was blind but was only using his sense of touch hence he tricked him into blessing him. You have to know the person you call your father. If you really want to get a blessing you need to understand your superior. A child should be loyal and it is a personal decision which is usually a private act. Loyalty is determined by a test and it is what connects you in the spirit. Loyalty does not change with time or circumstance. One must know who to hide things from and who to pour their heart out to.

Submission is an art which is a product of being loyal. The ability of letting go of your ego will make you submit. There are certain things you cannot receive if you do not submit. When you become loyal automatically you become protective.

Everyday people fight for territory, this is the reason in earlier times when the population was still small people would migrate constantly. You will find that people will automatically hate you because of the church you attend. You need to be protective of what you believe in.

A true child taps into the anointing in style, you should move with speed. As a true child you should not sleep the same day you wake up. Your life should resemble that of your spiritual father. Be humble as he is humble, love because he loves, embrace the despised, progress with supernatural speed in every area of your life among other things.

We give all glory to God Almighty!!