Scripture: Psalms.78: 72
So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart,
And guided them by the skilfulness of his hands.
We are all born leaders. Money follows leaders – leaders do not follow money.
1. Law of attraction
What type of people do you attract in life, or rather, do you want to attract? You attract what you are. If you want to attract wise people you have to be wise too. You can never attract what you are not. You cannot attract rich people if your mentality isn’t that of rich people. How can you relate with a rich person when you have the tendency to borrow from them soon after meeting them? A lazy man attracts lazy people, so is a poor man.

Your background or environment also determines the people you attract. Thus, if you come from a low level environment you need to shift to a better environment so that you attract better people from better.

If you want workers to report for duty and leave at the appropriate time, then you also need to be at work before starting time al ALL times and leave later than the official closing time. There is no way your workers will finish work at normal time if you knock off an hour or more earlier than them, regardless of you being the leader.

If you see people around you, including your workers or subordinates doing bad it means you are the one who is bad and that law never changes. In other words, check yourself first. The people around you are a reflection of you. if you sleep long hours you attract poverty. Remember, birds of the same feather flock together.

Simple magnetism
Who wants to be surrounded by people who are faithful and trustworthy? It starts with you -, to be trustworthy and then the trustworthy will come to you.
2. Timing
Many people lose favour from their blessors because they don’t know when to react or how to react. You have to know when to or not speak.
People have lost deals because they speak when not to or vice versa.

Your instinct is a vital element of leadership; it helps you in using your gift efficiently. What could have worked yesterday may not work today. Many people are not loved back because the present their points or needs at the wrong time. The same applies to wives when dealing with their husbands. Your husbands may come from work feeling tired and frustrated and you add salt to injury by interrogating or adding more requests to him before he even settles down. Learn to study the mood of your husband or blesser so as to present your request at the proper time.

People can only come along when you get along. Have you ever spent time with someone who is boring? People can only buy in your vision if there is relationship. Before you even ask or borrow, you need to ask yourself if you are getting along well. Before you milk someone’s cow, you need to establish a relationship first. However, our problem is that most of us need to ask or request before the existence of a relationship.
Apostle Paul said, when he went to the Romans he acted like them before he talked about Jesus Christ. There is no way that someone can part with their possessions before any relationship is established. Relating is a matter of compromising. If your blessor plays golf and you don’t like golf, you have to force yourself to act like you like it so as to be connected with the blessor. Never show your blessor that you don’t like what interests him. The same applies to one who wants to benefit with Prophet Dr. W. Magaya; he spends the Sunday conducting a service from 8.00am to 5.00pm and if you phone him at 2.00pm it shows that you don’t know him, you don’t even watch Yadah-TV and you don’t even follow the Facebook page.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.