If you are doing business and you don’t face any challenges, then it means that business is useless. The same applies to the work of God, if you spend the whole day or some hours conducting your service but with no challenges or attacks, then it means the power of God is not moving.

There are people who are physically giants but with a sheepish heart. No matter how big the problem can be, if you face it with the heart of a lion you can overcome it. Just remind yourself that, “I can move mountains”. So, then how do you move mountains. A radar can only control a ship when the ship is moving. That means you have to take action to put the faith to work.
To influence is whereby people have confidence in what you do and you must also have confidence in yourself. There is no way people can follow you when you lack confidence in yourself? Never do anything that is half cooked. Whenever you have to present anything to your followers, ensure you have analysed and you are certain of the subject. When people gather around there is always someone who takes lead naturally. If you have never been chosen amongst a group to lead in anything, then forget being a leader.

Leadership is an ability to influence. When you do influence, you need to have the art or style of doing it. The moment people start listening to you then it’s easy to get into business; people can buy your product. Every leader must be able to make meaningful decisions. As you make the decision, it must carry an art of influence for people to follow. A good leader is a problem solver, NOT reporter. A leader will say, “How can I solve it?” whilst a follower says, “Who can solve it?” You need to remind yourself that you are a problem solver.
At social gatherings a true leader does not join people complaining but quickly finds solutions. People are easily controlled by order and confidence.

A good leader is likeable. Paul says, “When I went to the Romans, I spoke like a the Romans.” To be likeable there are issues to be looked at. You don’t force people to like you. One of them is presentation. Have you been to a place where you see a well presented person and people start to believe and follow him. People address you based on the way you dress yourself. Don’t allow people to underestimate your potential through your dressing. You could be having the potential but people will block you due to your personal presentation. If you are a woman, never go to a public gathering where you are expected to deliver a subject whilst you are half-dressed. when you dress it’s not for yourself but for the people around you. Never allow your make-up to be excessive; do not overdo your make-up. Never allow people to judge you negatively over your great potential.

In addition to being likeable, there is the element of speech. You could be having much potential but if you are not able to discern when to speak or not to speak, people will block you. Do not lift yourself above the rest but let people see value in you through your good speech. The best way to be liked, is to speak as if you are below them and showing appreciation of them. When a person is respected, many people listen to him.
Informative (well informed): When you have information regardless of being likeable or presentable you can also win the hearts of the people. Knowing things to the deepest level gives you value in the hearts of the followers. Having answers to their problem will make them like you. A good leader does lots of research so as to have vast knowledge. There are some factors which force people to follow someone and one of them is information. You may have bad character but people will like you for having powerful information.

Ask yourself; “where is my greatest strength?” Do people feel your absence whenever you go somewhere. What potential do you have such that whenever you are absent people will miss you and feel your absence? If you are absent but people do not ask for you or worry over your absence, then you are useless; you have failed in life.
Desire or passion: If you lack the desire then you won’t have the energy to do it. In order to have the desire in you, your end must be clear. Declare your end now so that your path becomes clear. Many people fail in their plans because their desire die so quick. This is the “How” part of your achievements. Think about it, imagine and visualise over the goal of your interest more often will lead to the manifestation of your testimony.

Appreciation or lack of jealousy: If you want to be a good leader you need to appreciate other people. Jealousy affects your focus on your goal.
Good giving: The person who is generous has the potential of becoming a good leader. By sacrificing for other people, you create a good spirit around yourself which create an atmosphere of good followership on you. if you want people to sacrifice for your leadership, then you must be the first to sacrifice for them through generous giving. Do you sacrifice your life, health, finances and many other life forms for the people around you? You need to create a good spirit around you for people to like and follow you. Create a good aura around you. People must wish to be around you.

Pride: This is one form of personality which destroys people. Pride brings a person down no matter how high you have become. Lear to remind yourself that you are a service provider. Act like a slave to those around you and they will uplift you as well as respect. People must wish to be with you and come to do business or associate with you because of your humbleness and being likeable.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.