If you want to hold a million dollars in your hands you must have a million worth of brain or mind. If you adapt to the “How” that I am teaching you then you shift to another level. The amount of money that you make in life is determined by the time of people you attract. My question to you now is, “Do you attract the right kind of people in order to make more money?” The problem isn’t the church or organisation but it’s you. What kind of people do you attract?

When organisations continue to provide the same kind of service now and again then the customers lose interest. The same applies to churches today, if you churn out the same kind of stuff or sermons, the congregants start losing hope.

A true leader must be in front. We have what are called Travelling agencies and another group called Tour guides. A travelling agency will tell you about the place you want to go but without having been there; but a Tour guide will take you right to the place because they have been there before. Success follows an issue of influence.

Since leadership is influence [both up and down] it means if the boss does not approve someone then the people cannot approve him too. No matter how good the person is; if they are not accommodated by the boss then the rest cannot as well.

Being ahead of the pack:

Never allow any of the followers to be more informed than you. once that happens then you are more likely to lose your leadership position. To be ahead of the pack at all times it means you have to research more often. When your followers start to realise that you are repeating the same stuff, they will lose interest and lack respect in you. you need to do serious research at all times. A successful leader knows far more than anyone else of your followers. Never make a mistake of knowing less than any of your followers; once you do that they lack respect for you and you lose your leadership.

Rewards in life do not come because you joined the organisation first but your influence and production determine your reward. If you fail to have the art of influence which makes you to be identified, remembered and be rewarded. Once you fail, you will become a bitter and frustrated person the rest of your life to the point of resigning. You can never give what is not in you. A true leader must package themselves very well.

Proper education does not necessarily mean going to school of higher institution but your experiences in life.

True success is measured by the success of the successor. If you are a father and think that you have done enough for your family, then you are mistaken. A leader is never satisfied with their success; they aim for more and higher.

Firm ground:

For a leader to continue on high ground you must be firm and that creates a firm ground for you. When negative things are said about ourselves we start to lose confidence and thus our ground becomes weak. When you make good relations you need to maintain it and nurture it to maximum levels in order to benefit from such influence.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.