There are three types of leadership which are;

1.Leadership by selection or appointment.

This is the largest group of leaders. Most people are leaders because they were assigned or selected and have problems because usually they are not productive.

2. Leadership by permission

These people are permitted by people around them in order to be their leader. They become leaders through various qualities which impress people around them and then permit them to be leaders.

3.Leader by production

This is a leader who is focused on production output and quality based on influencing others, not based on physical effort.

If you want money to follow you, it means you need to be productive. Everyone who is not productive will always use physical power. There is a big problem in leadership; many leaders want to be respected yet there is nothing productive in their leadership. Respect has to be earned and usually through production.

In families there is leadership and in most cases the man is the head and leader. However, most men force their wives to respect them yet they have to earn their respect through being productive. The reason why many couples fight is because the man isn’t being productive.

Remember, this is our year and we only need to be productive in order to make it a successful year. Faith without action is dead, thus you need to do something to be productive and life will be good for you this year and the years to come. Greatness follow great minds and you need to develop a great mind because this is your year. You are unstoppable because this is your year.

Leadership by production is the key. To be a good leader means you need to love others and express that love at all times. A good leader must sacrifice for others through love; they consider others first before them. Such a good leader is not selfish; eventually, you become likeable and people will consider and appoint you as their leader. Before you start to command others or force others to work and before you silence others, you first need to be likeable through being productive then they appoint you as their leader. The million-dollar question is, are you likeable?

No matter how hard-working you are, if you are not likeable then you lose your leadership opportunity. You can close out your opportunity because of your character. Never underestimate people in leadership; people must like you.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.