The issue of naming started by God Himself. When He created people he had already named other things though He allowed men to name other things. Names give us an identity and they are the first gift one is given. The moment you are given a name an opportunity is given to the spiritual realm to have access to you. It makes it easy for the spiritual realm to attack you.

Totems are equally names and they can be followed to the last person in the generation. Everyone inherits a name and when one does they attract both the good and the bad associated with that name. When we give children names we will be blessing or cursing them. Some of the names are because our our parents were settling scores.

Most of the names we get are because our parents wanted to pass a message to their neighbours. You should give children names that bring them blessings not curses. The problem then comes to the one who has already been given a name. The name needs cleansing and this is done by the blood of Jesus Christ. Once your name is cleansed blessings start following you.

Wherever your name is the blood of Jesus Christ can redeem you and make you untouchable to the enemy.

Your name is cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ!!!

We give all glory to God Almighty!!! (Mbiri kuna Jesu!!)