Scripture: Judges.9:7-15

7 When Jotham was told about this, he climbed up on the top of Mount Gerizim and shouted to them, “Listen to me, citizens of Shechem, so that God may listen to you. 8 One day the trees went out to anoint a king for themselves. They said to the olive tree, ‘Be our king.’

9 “But the olive tree answered, ‘Should I give up my oil, by which both gods and humans are honored, to hold sway over the trees?’

10 “Next, the trees said to the fig tree, ‘Come and be our king.’

11 “But the fig tree replied, ‘Should I give up my fruit, so good and sweet, to hold sway over the trees?’

12 “Then the trees said to the vine, ‘Come and be our king.’

13 “But the vine answered, ‘Should I give up my wine, which cheers both gods and humans, to hold sway over the trees?’

14 “Finally all the trees said to the thornbush, ‘Come and be our king.’

15 “The thornbush said to the trees, ‘If you really want to anoint me king over you, come and take refuge in my shade; but if not, then let fire come out of the thornbush and consume the cedars of Lebanon!’


People in life tend to spend much time fighting each other instead of celebrating each other. Every day I receive reports from different people warning and hinting me about some nasty plans against me by some other people. We enjoy seeing each other down than up and we don’t celebrate anyone’s success. Such a mentality is a thorn bush mentality. A thorn bush, physically when it pricks you it then hooks on you so that you can move a bit but eventually you are forced to come back. That is exactly what people with thorn bush mentality do; when they hear that someone is doing well in the ministry or at other work places, the next thing you hear the person is fired. People conspire to bring the successful ones down.

We actually desired to nature people so that we see glory in the day to day lives of our fellow people. Such nurturing changes generations for the better so that the world becomes a better place to live. We have to get rid of this thorn bush mentality so that life moves on in a harmonious way. This problem is worse in Africa; 2 men of God cannot share the same podium and preach to one gathering. So long we don’t change from this mentality, we won’t go anywhere.

As the gates open this year let opportunities be opened for you in abundance. Let all those who were hoping or planning for your failure or downfall, lose grip on you. Let you get all the freedom to expand this year and the years to come. I remove every enemy who was pulling you down in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I expect all of you from this moment onwards to be freed from the spirit of the thorn bush mentality. You deserve to succeed and there be great success in your life. I come against every evil spirit trying to bring you down.

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.