Prophet W Magaya

Mrs. Bepe’s grandchild lost her voice and they took her to a local hospital and doctors gave them a week prescription of drugs. After a week nothing had changed. She then took her grandchild to a Private Doctor who then prescribed new drugs of which she would take 16 tablets in a single day. Her grandchild is only 8 years of age but the devil had stolen a voice from her. She was taken to white garment cult sects and was ordered to buy a white cloth to cover her grandchild during night sleep but still no solution came.

They then decided to visit the Arena of Liberty PHD Ministries on 22nd November 2015. They ensured they had sermon booklets for that particular day. She believed that the book was anointed enough to heal her grandchild and she constantly placed it over Josephine’s mouth and it produced a lot of heat which made her believe that the healing process had begun. She wrote her prayer request and as the servant of God Prophet W. Magaya was walking around ministering healing and deliverance, he came across Josephine and took the piece of paper from her. He read it and declared her healed immediately and after that Josephine could speak for the Glory of God. Josephine shared how she was constantly turned back home from school due to this problem. She expressed her gratitude to the God of Prophet W. Magaya for her healing and called Him “bhobhojani spanera” the God of impossibilities. He is indeed a powerful God.