Scripture: 2 Samuel.6:11[NKJV]

11 The ark of the LORD remained in the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite three months. And the LORD blessed Obed-Edom and all his household.

Reference scripture: Gen.1:28

28 Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”
Uzzah touched the ark and he was struck dead and the ark was left at Obed-Edom’s house and it only took a short while for him to be fruitful and multiply. Those around him and those who knew him got shocked at the rate of progress in his life, there was divine acceleration. David got wind of the success of Obed-Edom and he got to know about the anointing of multiplication the ark bore.

The anointing of God is ready to mega-shift your life, you shall be fruitful and you shall multiply. This is your season whatsoever you shall lay your hands upon shall be fruitful and it shall multiply. The fact that you made it into 2015 makes you a candidate of fruitfulness and multiplication. You might not see it now but you shall see it by your testimony.

You will be shocked at your own rate of success. Whatever is around you no matter how small because of God you are going to be fruitful and you shall multiply.

Exodus 1:7
The Israelites were under Egyptian captivity and Pharaoh ordered that all Israelites be killed at birth because they were multiplying. Before the midwives would attend to them they would arrive late. God gave the Israelites women power to deliver hastily, they became strong. If they planned to kill the baby in the 9th month the child would be delivered in the 8th month simply because they bore the anointing of multiplication.

Your enemy might plan to pull you down for your destruction but because of the anointing of fruitfulness and multiplication you will escape all traps. God is going to confuse the enemy because you shall be fruitful and multiply. Before they shall expect it you shall have it.

2 Kings.7
There were 4 lepers at the gate of Samaria and there was hunger in their camp and they had gone down to eating cow dung. Women had even killed children for food that led the king to seeking solution from the Prophet Elisher. The Prophet told them food would be available in abundance the very next day. The king argued that it was not practical though he believed that heaven was there but doubt was what led him to miss out on the blessing. It didn’t make sense at the time he said it but when a Prophet speaks the wise listen.

The lepers were not allowed to meddle with others because of leprosy. They decided to move away from the outskirts of the camp as they felt they were going to die anyway. As they walked towards the Syrian camp God caused confusion in the Syrian camp to ensure the Prophet’s word was fulfilled. They heard a might army approaching them when in actual fact they were only four lepers. The Syrians fled their camp in panic leaving all their food and wealth to the lepers.

The lepers were shocked when they arrived to find the Syrian camp deserted. The first thing they did was to eat their fill and that is when they remembered their fellow men and went back. They were left as outcast but because of the news they bore it gave them access to where they were barred from.

News got to the king about the lepers and what had transpired. The king thought that it was all a lie and some form of a trap but he was assured it was not. There are blessings and breakthroughs that will come upon your life this year that will shock many including those around you.

Information on the Syrian camp breakthrough leaked and the army commander made a mistake by trying to control a hungry people and that was when Prophet’s word was fulfilled over his life he died and did not partake.

Your enemy will fight tooth and nail to block your testimony and breakthrough but you shall surpass it all. God is ready to lift you up high, raises you from rugs to riches and from grass to grace. Your breakthrough and testimony will happen at divine speed in ways you cannot comprehend. It doesn’t matter that you are deep in debt and have lost all hope in life God is ready to make you fruitful and multiply in everything you shall touch.

The fact that you have lost hope and you are in problems make you the perfect candidate to receive fruitfulness and multiplication. The anointing of God uses a system. The lepers noticed that staying and moving away was the same they would die anyway and that was how they walked their breakthrough.

You need to know how you can walk towards your breakthrough and destiny. The radar controls a moving ship and it is not the radar that moves the ship. If you move before time or after, you miss out on your breakthrough. You have to move as and when you have to and God is ready to bless those who are determined.
Let your actions reciprocate with what you want God to do in your life. What efforts are you making to bring your heart’s desires into fruition. You need to move to attract the power of God over your life. You need to have the right plans in place and in action in order for you to multiply.

The only way you can multiply is after you have created room. You need to think and act in the way you want to be. Whenever God places you anywhere there is a reason for it and you have to identify it and seize the opportunity that lies in that. You are not employed to die employed or for your salary but that job should be a stepping stone to a higher and next level.

You can never get a salary that is enough for you no matter how much more they give you and you will never be satisfied. Jacob only became rich after 14 years laboring for Laban despite the fact that he had brought multiplication over Laban’s household. It is when he decided to move away that he became rich. Ask yourself if you are doing anything that will attract multiplication over your life.

We give all glory to God.

Teaching by Prophet W Magaya